We specialized in treatment of injuries to the spine, joints,ligaments and muscles, the same day of the injury through our  Spine and Joint Clinic

Urgent Care You Can Afford
A Walk-In Clinic in South Texas

The days of waiting weeks  for medical care are over. If you need prompt medical care you can walk in to  our clinic the same day of the injury or illness. We have years of experience providing services in South Texas.   All our services are affordable. ProntoMed Clinic  is a walk-in urgent care center where you can get quicker results at lower costs to keep your body and wallet healthy! We treat minor injuries that don't require hospitalization or general anesthesia. We also treat other illnesses when you can't contact your doctor. We recommend that you keep your family doctor if you have an ongoing illness. If you are from out of town we will offer services on a cash basis.
We treat on site : We offer on line:
Back Pain - Urgent Care Center  • Small Lacerations
 • Cuts
 • Fractures
 • Neck Pain
 • Back Pain
 • Joint Pain
 • Sore Throats
 • Upper Respiratory Infections
 • Urinary Tract Infections
 • Skin Infections
 • Work-Related Injuries
X-Ray - Emergency Care

 Blood lab testing that can help you to monitor an illness or discover a new condition.Lab work  is performed by a recognized national lab. We will contact you for the results. 

Products: We research the best products over the counter that best help you to stay in optimal health. They may include Vitamins, Skin Products, Analgesic Creams or devices that may help to resolve a particular problem. 


Walk in or call at (361) 852-0852
We offer on line : Visit our website www.drjpmdhealth.com for alternative supplements and products and online counseling. A subscription is required for advise on supplements and products and to get discounts.

Lab Coats - Emergency Care

Our Clinic has been serving South Texas for over 15 years. 

We accept cash, credit cards or inssurance. If you are from out town cash payment is required