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Guide to lab tests


Welcome to ProntoMed Clinic Online Store and Wellness Lab Screenings.

We offer multiple blood tests.  Select the type of test you want and pay by credit card at check out time. You may select by diagnosis the test you want. Click on the Diagnosis-Blood tests Guide and select the test related to the diagnosis you have in mind. All our lab test are performed by either Quest or Labcorp, both national recognized labs.  

If you come to the clinic we may draw the blood or refer you to the lab.Take your order to any Quest Lab near your home to get the blood drawn.  Your tests may be  prepaid and in this case any lab charges will be made to our account.  If you have insurance we may advise you to have the lab to bill your insurance. We may charge only for the venipuncture or handling of the blood if the insurance requires the specimens and the billing done by the lab.   Only the test listed in your Request Lab form will be done.   Once we get the results from the lab, we will call you or email your results to the email listed. It takes from 48 to 72 hours to get the results.

For more information about tests related to a condition. Visit our Diagnosis-Blood Tests Guide page.  In this page you will find a guide to many illnesses and the most important tests related to this condition.

Remember, we do not provide medical care or give medical advise for lab screenings.  You should take this information to your physician for the most appropriate treatment.  Neglecting to find help when a test is abnormal is your responsibility.  All our tests are performed by a nationally qualified lab.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or are looking for a specific test to 3434smc@yahoo.com Call us at 361 852 0852 if you have problems at the lab or you have not received your results.


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